Wordpress ate my homework

Friday, December 8, 2017

Return from Paris. Started my day with regular email catch up and trying to get back to the issue I had seen on the streaming agent at the beginning of the week.

Then decided to "lighten up" a bit and writ a blog article about my trip in Paris. Bad idea. I wrote about 1000 words, and Wordpress kept showing me the "Saving/Saved" message, but when I published, I had zero words. Worse yet, the history showed only my initial draft, with text up to the first paragraph, and everything after that was empty.

It turns that there is apparenlty a bug in Wordpress that triggers if you paste an image (instead of importing it as a file). You end up with a fairly large chunk of data in the HTML view, apparently "too big" for Wordpress to accept as input. So it fails, but does not tell you.

That annoyed me quite a bit. I took a walk with the dog. At least, the dog does not eat my homework.

Otherwise, the trip in Paris was quite nice. Met some people from AdaCore, who reminded me that I have some pending writeups on the Alsys Ada commenting style. I'll try to finish during the week-end.